what we offer

Full-Service Partnership

Full-Service Partnership

We partner directly with schools to deliver a high-quality, tailored summer program.

Near-Peer Mentoring Model

Near-Peer Mentoring

We leverage a unique near-peer mentoring model to drive scholar outcomes.

Social and Economic Impact

Long-Term Impacts

Our programs produce a chain of positive, long-term social and economic impacts.

the problem

summer slide

Every summer, scholars who aren't engaged in learning lose as much as 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 months of what they learned the year before. Therefore, the following school year, teachers spend up to 6 weeks re-teaching old material that scholars have forgotten. 

This “summer slide” disproportionately affects children living in low-income neighborhoods, and research has shown that ⅔ of the academic achievement gap can be attributed to unequal access to summer learning opportunities.

 2/3 of the Academic Achievement Gap can be attributed to unequal summer learning opportunities.

our solution


Practice Makes Perfect works to redefine the summer learning experience for all children. We are a full-service summer school operator that partners directly with schools to provide high-quality academic summer programming.  Our evidence-based, near-peer mentorship model matches elementary and middle school scholars with older, high achieving mentors from the same communities. The classes are lead by Teaching Fellows who are placed under the guidance of an experienced teacher, or Teaching Coach, resulting in a full-day academic experience that is both focused and fun!


our impact

3,762 Students Served
284 Aspiring Teachers Trained
986 Seasonal Jobs Created

hear from our partners

Shawn Rux, Testimonial

Any principals recommending or looking for a new, innovative way to target specific skills and needs of their students—PMP’s the way to go.

—Shawn Rux, Deputy Superintendent District 29

Farid Reyes, Testimonial

Supporting children and ensuring that every learning experience is meaningful to their academic progress is a must. PMP has met that requirement and more.

—Farid Reyes, Principal of P.S. 103 Hector Fontanez

Luis Torres, Testimonial

Months before I was even thinking about summer, PMP was working with my staff to customize a program that met the needs of my children, and leveraged the resources that already existed at my school.

—Luis Torres, Principal of C.S. 55 Benjamin Franklin

our strategic partners

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