Getting the Most Value from Your Education

Every step that students take should be customized to what would boost their educational value the most; each grade having its own set of priorities that call to better their learning. Practice Makes Perfect follows this idea by tailoring our program to fit the direct needs of our students based on the grade that they are in and the educational value needed. We hold this idea as true for all of the students in our program: from our youngest scholars in kindergarten through our college interns, both undergraduate and graduate students. For our college interns, we believe that their experience with PMP will be the best value for their education. At most companies, interns are viewed as individuals on the bottom of the totem pole, they usually do not do the most glamorous work, essentially, they are there as a means to make a full-time employee’s life easier. They get stuck making copies, inputting data, or doing extremely mediocre tasks. At Practice Makes Perfect, we do not view our interns in the same light, instead, we see internships as one of the most influential steps of a student’s educational career, and extremely valuable to our organization. An internship is where they will gather all of the years of information that they have learned and utilize it before actually step-foot into a career.

PMP believes that during an internship students should gain the experience, skills, qualifications, and confidence necessary to be fully prepared for their future positions, while also helping them build stamina for what could be long days and challenging weeks of work. Also, it is extremely valuable to provide students with a steady income under a living wage to help them understand that with all of the great work that they doing, they deserve something in return.

Practice Makes Perfect’s Teaching Fellowship program is one of the most rewarding internship experiences available to college students across the country. In order to prepare the interns for their future positions as teachers, we see it as our responsibility to fully invest in our Teaching Fellows, and provide them with the necessary techniques, strategies, and confidence to be successful in their future careers as teachers. Teaching Fellows at Practice Makes Perfect receive 200 hours of experience leading the classroom, 45 hours of comprehensive training, guidance from a certified teacher, and a chance to make an impact in communities that need it most.

Practice Makes Perfect’s summer program prepares all of their students for the next step in their educational career, providing tools necessary to be successful in graduating from college and pursuing a career where they can utilize learned tools.


If you want to get the most out of your educational career, apply to be a Teaching Fellow with PMP!