PMP Swag Shop: A Revolution Through Apparel

A Revolution Through Apparel... If you look good, you feel good and if you feel good then you'll have the confidence to take on the world. We at Practice Makes Perfect believe that everyone deserves to have the confidence to follow their dreams through the ability to dress for success. Because true change comes from a belief in greater possibilities within oneself for oneself, PMP's focus is to instill confidence in the children and communities that we serve. That is why, this summer our scholars, mentors, Teaching Fellows, Teaching Coaches, and fans of PMP will have access to our one of a-kind designs from our PMP Swag Shop.

PMP’s CEO, Karim Abouelnaga, begs the important question, “What if we walked into every ‘inner-city’ classroom and saw every poor or immigrant White, Black, Latino, and Asian kid as the future CEO of a fortune 500 company?” We believe that our students deserve every bit of encouragement to aim high beyond their circumstances. That is why our inspiration-based apparel serves as a constant reminder to our children and their communities of their potential and infinite capabilities. Our logos and graphics are not only appealing and cool, but also motivational and stimulating. They represent the positive affirmation that we at PMP live by in our pursuit of igniting the flame of leadership from within.

With our designs, we hope to influence Future CEOs both male and female. We will encourage our scholars to feel like the superheroes they admire with our Super Student and Shield apparel. Strong communities are the foundation for building strong leaders; we aim to emphasis this by encouraging our communities to Succeed Together. We reference positive elements of pop culture to appeal across generations and bridge gaps with our RUN PMP apparel. We believe in children seeing themselves in a light of Excellence while removing the stigma that comes with being Nerdy. There should be an endless pursuit of higher education - so we aim to bring these opportunities and the potential of greatness to the communities we serve. The items offered in the Swag Shop will range from t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and novelty items in the form of mugs, tote bags and sunglasses, to name a few. These items will be offered year-round to always be available to our students and keep the conversation of student achievement, beyond hardship, relevant. Will you join us in uplifting and inspiring our students? Will you join in our revolution for positive change? Education is cool so let’s help make it look cool too! Visit our Swag Shop today! and don’t forget to subscribe to be the first to know about special sales and seasonal promotions.


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