Brandon Hynson Reflects: An "Inspiring, Practical, and Metamorphic" Experience

Brandon Hynson co-taught at P.S. 13 in Queens.

An "Inspiring, Practical, and Metamorphic" Experience


Inspiring, practical, and metamorphic: these are the words that come to mind when I think of my experience as a Teaching Fellow with Practice Makes Perfect at P.S. 13 in Queens. Inspiring refers to how much the experience kept me motivated to become a full-time teacher despite any current obstacles I have to overcome.  Practical refers to how this position was much more than a summer job—it was REAL teaching. Finally, metamorphic represents how life-changing and powerful my experience with the scholars and mentors was in the classroom. Applying for PMP was the best decision I could have made to enhance and enrich the experience necessary for my upcoming teaching career.

Teaching for 5 weeks starting around the middle of July may seem daunting, but because of all the scholars who came into school ready to do their very best and achieve great things, it was amazing. I applied to PMP to gain more experience in the classroom and because I love to teach, but this position also allowed me to grow as a person and build new relationships with other Teaching Fellows. Being a teacher has always been a dream of mine, and PMP gave me the opportunity to live that dream for a short amount of time. I love the program just for that!

The training at PMP was unlike any other training I had ever received in the four years that I have been in the education program at my school. The training helped me prepare for the classroom with helpful tips, suggestions, chances to give my own input, real practice, and even fun. Although it was a lot of information to retain and adapt to, I thoroughly appreciated training because—quite frankly—it was given by great educators who I will never forget.

Once at P.S. 13, there were endless valuable moments with the scholars, but the last week of the program stood out the most. Since the scholars knew that it was the last week they shined even brighter academically and socially. The goals that my co-teacher and I had set for the scholars were accomplished and the growth that we saw from day one was phenomenal. The scholars showed so much gratitude for learning how to become better at writing and to understand math concepts more quickly. More importantly, they showed so much love and appreciation for having my co-teacher and I as their support system.

P.S. 13 Class

As a Teaching Fellow, I learned that one day I will be that teacher who is proud to lead, serve, and educate students from all backgrounds and levels of learning. I also learned that with every dream comes a price; but that it is all worth it when you get to see the success of your students and their overload of appreciation just for doing what I love. Now that PMP has concluded for me, I plan to teach full-time at the elementary and middle school level in the future. If I had the opportunity to teach during the summer for PMP again, there would be no doubt in my mind about signing up. Who wouldn’t love an astonishing program that is scholar focused, all about progress and achievement, allows aspiring teachers to gain real experience in the classroom, and is working to fix the issue of summer learning loss? I loved my experience with Practice Makes Perfect and cannot wait until they are taking over the world each summer with their incredible values and their huge impact on scholars, mentors, and Teaching Fellows alike!

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