4 Books Every School Principal Should Read

Being a school administrator in comes with a truckload of responsibilities. The role of a principal in the success of a school cannot be overemphasized. Along the way, you will meet numerous obstacles. While some can be solved with experience, others need intensive administrative skills. The good news is that some of these skills are obtainable from well-written books. Here’s four that we believe every school principal should read.


Carol Dweck’s Mindset (order here)

 Carol Dweck is a world-renowned psychologist. In this quality read, the author takes time and words to explain the way students’ success in academics is determined or affected by how we react to success as well as failure.

 Some people attach success and failure to the abundance of effort or sheer lack of effort. Such people hold what Dweck refers to as a growth mindset. Others attribute success and failure to innate abilities or the lack of them, holding what the author calls a fixed mindset. For parents, teachers, coaches, and principals, this book is an excellent piece.

Not only does this book inspire, but also empowers readers

If You Don’t Feed The Teachers, They Eat The Students (order here)

 Well, that is not the full title of this book. It concludes with “Guide to Success for Administrators and Teachers.” Authored by Doctor Neila Connors, this book packs a punch in wisdom, and inspiration. It is a book an administrator or principal is better off reading in parts and digesting.

 The author presents us with a practical pointer on how to improve the climate of the school, and communicate with parents. It also teaches how principals should ensure teaching standards and make a difference in the lives of students. It’s enjoyable, easy to read, and definitely one book that will crack you up.


Creative Schools: Revolutionizing Education from the Ground Up (order here)

 This one’s from Ken Robinson, one of the most influential voices in the world when it comes to education. As one of the most viewed TED talks in history, his “How Schools Kill Creativity” session has been seen and talked about by millions of people from different parts of the world. In this title, the player sets out his practical vision for how education can be turned into something that can and will help young people flourish and succeed in the 21st century.

 Not only does this book inspire, but also empowers readers. In it, Robinson argues that for an end to the old, industrial systems of mass schooling. He proposes that every school adopts a highly personalized, organic approach which will leverage today’s unexpected technology and professional resources to engage all kinds of students. This, according to him, will help them develop their individual abilities and love for learning.


The Principal: Three Keys to Maximizing Impact (order here)

 School administrators are usually looked up to as the second most crucial influencers that can be found in a school. After teachers, they significantly affect the overall learning process and academic performance. But what can a principal do to advance student achievement?

 Well, the answer to the question comes from one of the most popular leadership authors in education. Fullan, in this book, copiously explains why the answer is not in micro-management of instruction or in the autonomous entrepreneurialism. He also systematically reveals how the role of a principal should change, demonstrating how it can be done in short order, at scale.