School Leadership Practices That Matter

While some people aspire to become a medical doctor or a tech entrepreneur someday, there are others who intend to devote their lives to positively impacting the next generation of children through their schools. Often found around books and with children, these teachers do all they can to gather the experience and knowledge needed to help children realize their potential. But not all teachers use the chalkboard; some need to lead. If you find yourself in that situation, then these leadership practices could make all the difference in your learning citadel.

Nothing should be a reason for leaders to exempt themselves from both curricular and extracurricular activities, except for cases of dire emergencies.


From principals to department heads, leaders must be accessible and willing to meet with both teachers and students. It does not matter the size or criticalness of paperwork; people should always be given the utmost priority. If it means delegating crucial matters such as finance to business managers, it should be done in order to live up to the responsibility of being available. Great school leaders are always familiar with their teachers and students, knowing their first names and last names - practically anything that lets you connect more with people. By having an open mind, you will be welcoming just about anyone to come talk to you during trialing times.

 Attending Activities

Nothing should be a reason for leaders to exempt themselves from both curricular and extracurricular activities, except for cases of dire emergencies. Attending sports events, exhibitions, indoor competition and even school plays is a way to show members of the academic clubs and students that a leader is concerned and interested in what takes places on the school premises. It also gives them the avenue to foster competition orientation, the spirit of good sportsmanship and get to know the best students in different ramifications.

 Effective Communication

No matter the kind of vision a leader has for their place of learning, it will very well be inadequate if it is not well communicated. Whether it’s a principal, headmaster, superintendent or school board, the vision of any school leader need to be related to everyone for full impact. The teachers, students and even parents all need to be a part of the goal; therefore they should understand where the current administration is headed. They all need to be regularly updated on the progress of the vision statement, the steps and the school in entirety.

 Never Stop Learning

What kind of educational leader would you be if you do not have a knack for learning to start with? Brushing up on trends and getting to know what’s important is not just for the teachers and students alone. Even if you’re not going to be assessed from time to time, you need to be ahead in the game, which could mean forsaking traditional conferences and taking on newer ones. To the people under them too, these leaders need to show they are just as willing to learn as an eighth grader who is serious about getting to the top of their class.