about boot camp

Held multiple times throughout the year, PMP’s Educator Boot Camps are designed to fill the skills gap for teachers and aspiring educators. Covering 2-3 topics, participants can expect engaging discussions, simulations and practice sessions, and techniques that can make a direct impact in the classroom tomorrow.


develop the tools to succeed

While our Educator Boot Camp sessions can vary, some of the sessions include:

  • Behavior Management
  • Least Invasive Form of Correction
  • "Teacher Voice"
  • Student Engagement
  • Differentiation
  • Creating a Classroom of Excellence

what our boot camp offers

Seasoned Instructors

Seasoned Instructors

Boot Camp is led by a dynamic team of former educators whose combined experiences offer a range of classroom approaches.

Open to All Majors

Open to All Majors

Open to all undergraduate and graduate students interested in pursuing a career in education, regardless of major.

Professional Network

Join the PMP Network

Participants will be given access to other opportunities with PMP including internships, full-time/ part-time job opportunities, and introductions to NYC principals.

participant testimonials


The simple 'out-of-the-box' tools taught during the PMP Boot Camp empowered our team to become better teachers and trainers.

—ELiTE Education


The PMP Boot Camp was an amazing experience that gave me the confidence I needed to be in the classroom. From lesson planning to behavior management techniques—everything I learned in the Boot Camp I could directly employ in my classroom and in my teaching, which was so beneficial.

—Ariana B.