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The Practice Makes Perfect paid summer mentorship offers high-achieving, role model students, grades 8-12, an opportunity to make learning fun and engaging for students who need it most. Mentors are instrumental to achieving PMP’s mission of providing high-quality summer programming in high need communities across New York City. PMP mentors are leaders, high-achievers, aspire to make a difference, caring, and supportive. Mentors will arise from this rigorous and rewarding summer having gained work experience, professional skills, and college readiness to prepare for the future.

becoming a mentor

Practice Makes Perfect’s mentors are revolutionary change-makers. They are dedicated, courageous leaders who are also creative, compassionate, resilient, professional, and bold. PMP’s mentors go the extra mile to ensure their scholars are walking down the right path academically and personally. Mentors are passionate about making a difference and firmly believe in the potential of all students, regardless of race and socioeconomic status, to achieve success.

Mentorship role

Mentors give classroom support to the Teaching Fellows and Teaching Coaches. They are responsible for assisting scholars in understanding and reinforcing the learning concepts. Mentors are positive role models for scholars and promote the value of education.

Mentors Must:

  • Commit to one day of online training
  • Commit to two days of in-person trainings for 2 hours
  • Commit to 5-week summer program
  • Arrive at program site on-time everyday
  • Complete enrichment work and prepare for academic content

Applicant Eligibility:

  • A leader and high-achiever
  • Must be in 8th grade or high school
  • Must be able to dedicate time for enrichment
  • Must be passionate about helping youth
  • Complete application form
  • Complete essay requirement for acceptance

*High school mentors paid hourly wage, middle school mentors paid stipend

Applications are closed for Summer 2017.

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the hiring process

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Apply To Be A Mentor

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Initial Acceptance Letter

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30-Minute Online Training

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2 In-Person Trainings

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Final Acceptance Letter

Velmanette Montgomery Partner Testimonial

Practice Makes Perfect could be the future of the way teaching is done. Younger students teaching even younger students because they can relate to them better.

—Velmanette Montgomery, New York State Senator