Teaching Coach Experience

For every two PMP classrooms, there is a NYC-certified teacher to serve as site leader and help drive student outcomes. Our Teaching Coaches have three domains of expertise: they are mentors/coaches, exemplar teachers, and logistics coordinators. Teaching Coaches receive competitive pay ($24/hr for pre-summer work and $48/hr for the summer program), ten hours of training (online and in-person), professional development sessions, and 200 hours of coaching & observation.


the teaching coach role


Mentor / Coach

Teaching Coaches are skilled teachers who are comfortable observing, giving targeted feedback, and modeling best practices. Not only are Coaches deeply invested in student outcomes, but also in guiding the next generation of educators!

Exemplar Teacher

Exemplar Teacher

Our Teaching Coaches are experienced, effective educators who excel in the classroom and are well-versed in his or her school, community, and needs of students. Coaches are able to lesson plan, differentiate instruction, and manage student behavior without blinking an eye!

Logistics Coordinator

Logistics Coordinator

Teaching Coaches are highly organized leaders with strong communication and planning skills, who are comfortable coordinating site logistics and juggling different responsibilities with support from PMP staff and Teaching Fellows.

How to Apply

To apply to be a Teaching Coach, please include your resume and cover letter.