creating enriching experiences

PS 50 Talfourd is a public school in Queens [District 28] that serves 734 students (44% Hispanic, 20% Asian, 20% Black, 18% ELL, 21% SPED). After a hardworking and successful year from the students, Principal Manjarrez wanted to reward her high achieving scholars with an educational and fun summer program.

“All the summer experiences showed our students something new and they always had a smile on their face. Practice Makes Perfect was well-organized and met all of our expectations." Principal Rina Manjarrez


Developing stronger readers

Baychester Middle School is a school in the Bronx [District 11] that serves 300 students (68% Black, 27% Latino, 4% ELL, 22% SPED). A subset of students were reading 2-4 years below grade level. With 42 students who needed additional help, Principal Mangar turned to Practice Makes Perfect. 


partnering towards proficiency

PS 1 Courtlandt is an elementary school based in the Bronx [District 07]. The school currently has 598 students enrolled (76% Hispanic, 22% Black, 31% ELL, 25% SPED). Despite the fact that the school already had an existing remedial summer school program, Principal Perdomo recognized they needed to go one step further if students were to improve on upcoming State English tests.

“Practice Makes Perfect's vision aligns well with any school seeking to empower students to mentor and lead themselves. I would recommend Practice Makes Perfect to any Principal looking for quality support.” Principal Jorge Perdomo


differentiation for high-flyers

PS 12 is a public school located in Brooklyn [District 23] that currently serves 223, of which 72% are Black, 23% are Hispanic, 10% are ELLs, and 30% are SPED. The school has been experiencing shrinking grade sizes in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade due to charter schools taking a significant portion of enrollment. Consequently, classes could not be organized by student performance and teachers became overwhelmed with having to balance the varying levels of understanding in a single classroom.

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forming strong family community ties

PS 89 is a pre-K-8 public school in the Bronx [District 11] that was looking to get more insight from parents on how they were doing. The school serves 1425 students (55% Hispanic, 19% Black, 22% ELL, 18% SPED), however, only previously conducted the citywide survey, which led Principal Martinez to contact Practice Makes Perfect.


partnering for college awareness

IS 218 (Rafael Hernandez Dual Magnet School) is a K-8 dual-language (English/Spanish) school in the Bronx [District 09]. The school serves 1038 students, 91% of which are Hispanic, 29% are ELLs, and 19% are SPED. After partnering with other companies that often over promised and under delivered, Principal Caceres turned to Practice Makes Perfect.


“I know that I can trust Practice Makes Perfect in creating and running a successful College Access program. I have worked with them for the past 3 years and they have become a valuable partner. Their College Access programs are a great way to expose students to the entire college application process and college life in general.” Principal Sergio Caceres

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preventing teacher burnout

York Early College Academy (YECA) is a 6-12 public school in Jamaica, Queens [District 28] that serves 643 students (50% Black, 26% Asian, 2% ELLs, 14% SPED). Whilst YECA always had Saturday school programs running, the main issue Principal Angeles faced was burnout among his teaching staff who originally led the Saturday Academy program.

“The Interventionists were always delightful and added positivity to the atmosphere. The Saturday Academy was a great addition to our own Saturday school programs and students enjoyed the program.” Principal Noah Angeles


literacy through phonics

PS 82 is a public school in Queens, NY [District 28] serving 600 students. The student population was made up of 65% Hispanic, 24% Asian, 34% ELLs, and 18% in SPED. Principal Rodriguez came to Practice Makes Perfect mainly because students in the 1st and 2nd grade were not able to read.

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After school student clubs

MS 223 (The Laboratory School of Finance and Technology) is a public middle school in the Bronx [District 07] serving 719 students (81% Hispanic, 17% Black, 12% ELLs, 26% SPED). Principal Gonzalez reached out to Practice Makes Perfect because teachers were overwhelmed with having to plan and conduct both in-school and after-school learning.

“Practice Makes Perfect came up with creative after-school clubs that the students really enjoyed. The clubs were run smoothly and allowed our students to build relationships with college-aged students learn about new things. More importantly, it allowed me to give my teachers a break from the 8am - 6pm daily grind.” Principal Ramon Gonzalez


Intensive math tutoring

PS 399 is a pre-K through secondary education public school in Brooklyn, NY [District 17] that serves 261 students (74% Black, 12% ELLs, 15% SPED). Principal Williams came to Practice Makes Perfect in early 2018 to get a boost for 59 of their students to achieve grade-level proficiency in math.


“The fact that 57 out of 59 students met the promotional criteria after only a month and a half shows how good PMP is at what they do. I highly recommend their company and will continue partnering with them for future services.” Principal Lakeasha Williams


Consistent instructional support

MS 129 is a public middle school in the Bronx [District 12] that serves over 500 students (29% Black, 66% Hispanic, 13% ELLs, 30% SPED). After having a math teacher abruptly leaving in December, Principal Granda enlisted Practice Makes Perfect’s help in supporting the substitute teacher.

“PMP provided us with consistency during a relatively stressful time when one of our math teachers quit. Their Interventionists were flexible and willing to help the substitute teacher in all aspects. I am very satisfied with their service.” Principal Raymond Granda


Accelerating Math Mastery

Fannie Lou Hamer is a middle school located in the Bronx, NY [District 12] serving 289 students (74% Hispanic, 23% Black, 19% ELLs, 24% SPED). Prior to Practice Makes Perfect, students at the school were performing low in math, with only 3% reaching proficiency. Principal Palladino enlisted Practice Makes Perfect in creating and running an intensive tutoring program in Math during the school’s extended learning time.

mathinitiative (1).png

“The intensive tutoring program made all of the difference this past year. By the end of the day, most of our teachers are tired and having Interventionists brought us the additional energy we needed to make the best use of our extended learning time. The Interventionists always engaged with their students productively and were polite to the teaching staff. Students even requested to be in Interventionist groups for extra tutoring!” Principal Jeffrey Palladino


Customized Math Tutoring

PS 103 is a public elementary school in the Bronx [District 11] that serves over 928 kids (49% Black, 43% Hispanic, 18% ELLs, 22% SPED). Principal Reyes mainly reached out to Practice Makes Perfect because the school had almost two dozen students who were below grade level in math – scoring only a level 1.

“Practice Makes Perfect delivers on their promises. They were flexible with their curriculum to make sure it worked for our students. I look forward to continue working with them.” Principal Farid Reyes


extended learning time with outcomes

New Preparatory Middle School 8 is a public school in Jamaica, Queens [District 28] that serves 474 students (45% Black, 22% Hispanic, 13% ELLs, 20% SPED) and had a cohort of 18 IEP students who were below grade level in math. Principal Louissaint reached out to Practice Makes Perfect to create a differentiated intensive tutoring program so their 18 students would make progress toward their proficiency rating in mathematics.


“We’ve been partnering with Practice Makes Perfect for over four years. They are always professional, committed, and met all my expectations.” Principal Katiana Louissaint